Precaution about bioterrorism near Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic

Precaution about bioterrorism near Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic

John McCain is not in St. Paul.
Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney announced that they would not attend the convention as planned on Monday.
Sarah Palin is not in St. Paul.
Most of the Republicratic big shots are not in St. Paul.
This is all supposedly because of the pending "national emergency" of Gustav in the Gulf Coast.

Perhaps the real reason is fear of looking so bad, while standing in the shadow of Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic.

They can fake the polls to make it look as though the people support them. They can even rig the elections with the voting machines. But they need an excuse for why they cannot assemble a good sized crowd of supporters. This is especially important when Ron Paul DOES assemble a good sized crowd of supporters in the same town, at the same time.

But perhaps it's something else entirely. Perhaps it is even more sinister.
We are reminded of the tee shirt that says:

"Bomb technician- If you see me running, try to keep up".

The Rally for the Republic is going forward in Minneapolis. If you have friends there, please urge them to take a little extra care. Tell them: Be careful what you eat. Be careful what you drink. Be careful what you touch.

Do we remember Legionnaire's disease?

Legionnaire's disease got its name from the fact that it first appeared mysteriously at a convention of the American Legion.

Biological warfare (BW) — also known as a germ warfare, biological weapons and bioweaponry — is the use of any pathogen (bacterium, virus or other disease-causing organism) as a weapon of war.


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