Potential speakers for panel discussion - Criminal Justice Reform

Hi all,

The consensus at our past few meetings has been that Criminal Justice Reform is a great topic for our panel discussion this year, and we are now in the phase of contacting potential speakers for the panel. I would like feedback on some ideas as well as your suggestions if you know of anyone (or an organization) who would be good to hear from.

*Scott Shackford *- Associate Editor at Reason magazine
Scott writes extensively on criminal justice topics for Reason and I believe would provide a very knowledgeable Libertarian perspective for our discussion. Also, he lives in LA, so it is more likely he will be able to come to our event.

*ACLU* - no specific contact yet
Especially since they have an office in San Francisco, I think someone from the ACLU would be a good panelist. Also, this will probably help us bring in a broader audience, since the left loves the ACLU.

*Jennifer Doleac* - Economics professor @ Texas A&M, Director of the Justice Tech Lab
http://jenniferdoleac.com/ - http://justicetechlab.org/
Certainly less likely given her location, but maybe worth considering. I heard about Jennifer on a recent episode <http://www.econtalk.org/jennifer-doleac-on-crime/> of EconTalk and thought she could bring an interesting perspective to our discussion.

Does anyone have other suggestions? Please let me know!

Since Jeff Adachi is no longer with us, maybe Matt Gonzalez?