I hear you about "preaching to the choir." I too would like to see
the posters get seen by the general public. I'm still all for pasting
up posters on the plywood thrown up on public sidewalks around
construction sites, on walls in public places that are covered with
graffiti or commercial posters, etc.

  Some problems with just giving them away to members of the general
public willy-nilly is that we don't know what they will do with them,
whether they will value them or just end up throwing them away,
whether people who don't agree with the LP will accept them just to
cost us money, etc. If we had lots of money, or we were talking about
an item that cost us very little, these considerations wouldn't
matter. I'm fine with giving them to people who come to LPSF
meetings, and I believe we already approved that as policy, no?

  Another idea is for us to spend some time pasting the posters onto
signs to be carried at rallies, protests, and other such events.
Including carried in the Pride parade, more readily displayed at
booths, etc.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

So, because of the objections against pasting the posters in public
places and/or giving them away; as well as my doubts about stores
wanting to display them (I reiterate that this is just my own
opinion); maybe the best plan that we all can agree with is: (1)
Prominent display at Pride and other events, for sale for a nominal
amount (say $1); (2) Paste the posters on the signs to be carried at
Pride, etc. (3) Offer them to new people that come to the LPSF
meetings (I would suggest for free).

Because it might be difficult to bring the actual posters to each
meeting for potential new attendees, maybe I could make and bring to
each meeting an 8 1/2 x 11 color sample of the poster for display.

Speaking of display, we have gotten away from displaying literature at
meetings because of the hassle of bringing a bunch for each meeting. I
am volunteering to bring to each meeting a few pieces of the brochure
Rob suggested, with the LPSF contact, so new guests can find out more
about the Libertarian Party and have some reference of how to reach us.


2. Pasting the poster

BTW, regarding the price, our only "profit" we had been making when
selling them for $5 in-person or $10 mailed was less than 50 cents a
piece, since they cost over $4.00 to make in the first place, and cost
$4.60 to mail. And I put "profit" in quotes, because if you subtract
what Jeremy and I have spent on gas and rent costs for storage, we're
losing money at these prices.

This is why I'm for giving them away for free at this point. We had one
on display on the back wall of the San Diego convention, with a sign
that said "For Sale $5" and we didn't even get a nibble. We shouldn't
just hand them out on the street, where we know they'll end up in the
next trash can, but we should offer them for free to anyone who asks for
one, especially in venues relating to one of the scenes on the poster
(marriage scene at Pride, arrest scene at a SWOP meeting, smoking granny
scene at MMJ event, disarmed granny scene at Pink Pistols, etc.). In
fact, I'd support sending a whole tube of posters to organizers of these
ally orgs (SWOP, Pink Pistols, etc.) and let them distribute them for us.


Amarcy D. Berry wrote: