Poster project update (Scott's clarifications/corrections)

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> From: Scott Bieser <>
> Date: Wed Nov 23, 2005 7:10:42 PM US/Pacific
> To: Starchild <>
> Subject: Re: Poster project update
> Starchild wrote:
>> I just spoke with Scott Bieser, and we came to a general
>> agreement on the following terms (I'm copying him on this email so he
>> may correct me if I am misremembering or omitting anything): He will
>> do the poster for $150 up front plus advertising in our newsletter
>> and on our website, details to be arranged later. We will share
>> ownership rights to the artwork with Scott, so either he or the LPSF
>> will be able to freely resell or license use of the artwork to other
>> libertarian groups who might want to reprint it with their own info.
>> The original poster will be done in gray, with a one-color overlay
> The poster will be done in black-plus-one-color. You guys decide what
> the second color is.(I will create an overlay for the color which will
> look "grey" in the original artwork but can be used to create a plate
> for whatever color is desired.)
>> (I suggested red, but said I would welcome his input on that
>> decision), aiming for an 18" by 24" final size. If we get the
>> printing done at his end, or otherwise arrange for him to have access
>> to finished posters, he will sign some of them for us which should
>> increase their value for sale or use in soliciting donations.
> There is a good chance I will be in San Francisco in early April for
> the Alternative Press Expo. Perhaps we can get together then.
>> Scott won't be able to start work on the project for a couple weeks,
>> as he is in the middle of doing a comic book based on the life of
>> Frederic Bastiat (should be cool!).
> Actually I'm 7 pages away from completing a 48-page book. But each
> page takes 2 full days to complete.
>> When he starts, he estimated the process should take about 3-5 days,
>> and he will be in touch with me during that process, doing a pencil
>> sketch first and sending me a draft for feedback. I am to communicate
>> to him more details on the vignettes that would surround the central
>> panel, as he did not recall seeing details from me of more than two
>> or three (it's quite possible I only sent details of two or three
>> when I first described the idea to him; I have to go back and check).
>> He did offer the opinion that about six vignettes or panels might
>> work well; I don't recall how many I initially proposed, but I think
>> it may have been more than that, and I do recall that Michael
>> Edelstein said his donation was contingent on all of them being used.
>> Hopefully there were not so many that Scott will find it poses a
>> problem in terms of illustration, or we'll have to work something out
>> on that.
> Well, we could probably do up to 9 without it being a significant
> problem (the vignettes become too small to make out clearly).
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