Poster action items for Starchild and Marcy


Since we're finally running out of the LPSF posters we printed in 2007, I've
uploaded the image to our Cafe Press store here:

Scroll to the bottom to see the items where I used our poster image.

Starchild, do we have a higher resolution image available of the poster?
The highest resolution image I have is named lpsfposter-final.jpg and is
only 1000x1508 in resolution. I know the image sent to the printer for the
24x36" posters was much higher than that (at 300 dpi, for 24x36", you have
to multiply each dimension by 7, for about 50 times the total resolution, or
possibly 200 times the total resolution if the original was 600 dpi).

Did Scott Bieser send the artwork directly to the printer, or do you have a
copy on CD or something? The image would be at minimum 50mb, and possibly
several hundred mb, so it wouldn't have been emailed.

And, Marcy (or anyone else who speaks Spanish), please send me the correct
text for the Spanish on the poster, and I will edit the image accordingly.
Comic Sans won't be a perfect match for Scott's handwriting, but it will be
close enough in all caps and stretched a bit.

But if it ends up that you'll need to go back to Scott for the
high-resolution original artwork, Starchild, then please wait until we hear
back from Marcy or another Spanish speaker for the correct translation, so
you can ask him to give us a version with the correct Spanish in his own

Until then, we now have a way for people to order copies of the poster,
albeit at a much higher price per print than when we did the bulk printing a
few years ago. Though, honestly, given the number that we actually sold
versus the number that rotted in storage or were given away for free, I'm
betting this $18/poster that Cafe Press charges is actually far cheaper than
our real price of the bulk printing in 2007.


Marcy, I've attached a version of the lower-res image with the Spanish text
replaced. Chris or someone may want to help me find a better matching font
than Comic Sans MS, but otherwise does what I've typed look grammatically

Cafe Press has a base amount they charge for production, and a store "owner"
chooses whether to tack on a profit (and Cafe Press handles the taxes and
stuff). I've not padded the prices with any profit -- Cafe Press charges
enough as it is, that I don't think we ought to inflate it any more if we
want any of these to be bought. Propaganda is typically an investment in
recruiting, not a direct profit-generator, anyway. But maybe that should be
on the agenda for July 10. I don't want to make that decision unilaterally.

Once we get higher-res artwork from Scott, we can also upload this to
Zazzle, which is similarly priced.


Hi Rob,

The Spanish looks fine to me; and so does the font.

Regarding Cafe Press and other sales outlets, I am not visualizing a profit either, just spreading the LPSF name. I just want to make sure LPSF will not have to report any sales taxes on sales made.

We can put this subject on the agenda if you like, but the decision to try to sell the posters if we can was already done when the posters were first created. As I recall, Scott did not raise any objections to us doing so. BTW, I just noticed Scott's name is not on the poster as the creator; don't know why. Maybe we should say his name on any display, as we do on the LPSF website?

I looked at the Cafe Press store where you placed the poster; looks to me that our poster fits right in! I also printed your attachment on my cheap color printer, and it looks great to me.

Thank you,


Dear Marcy and or Rob;

I noticed the various things which can be bought on Cafe Press re Libertarians but did not notice any Libertarian Baseball caps. Are such things available and if so in colors? If so can they be put on the Cafe Press site?

BTW - is it possible to use the SF Libertarian logo with the Golden Gate background image???

Ron Getty

I don't have a high-res version of the GG Bridge logo. We may need someone
with some graphical skills to re-render it for us. What I have in my file
is way too low resolution to look decent printed on anything.


okie dokie - hi-res rendering by hi-res artiste - somewhere out there...rendering away... LOL

Ron Getty

Huummm..As I recall the logo was the idea of one of our members several years ago, who was generous enough to allow us to use his idea. Kelly probably posted the earliest one back in 2003, which is still in the lpsf-activist Files section.


That logo is 325 x 290. We need much higher resolution. I'll see if I can
vectorize it. If not, maybe resizing it larger and smoothing the heck out
of it will suffice. But I've got to thing a larger version of it must have
existed at some point.

I agree an "original" is somewhere, but where I don't know. But, by now I have forgotten why we are looking for the higher resolution one : - ]

Someone wanted the GG Bridge logo on stuff in the Cafe Press store. Printed
stuff needs high-res, 150dpi min but preferably 300dpi. The logo in the
Groups files section works for a printed logo of only 1 or 2 inches tall --
not big enough for t-shirts, greeting cards, or much of anything. Though
since the original request was for a ball cap, I suppose 1-2 inches would

Of course, embroidered logos can be much lower resolution than printed
logos. Here's the company Outright uses (some of you saw my embroidered
Outright shirts this past weekend):

So would this make a good agenda item for July 10?


The original hasn't been around since waaaay before my mayoral campaign 8 years it probably is long gone.


LPStuff will set up an affiliate-branded store, as well, selling
customized Libertarian gear with the affiliate’s logo and info. There
is a one-time set-up cost; I believe it is $100. LPNH is considering it.

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Hi Rob,

Yes, I believe this would be a worthwhile subject for the agenda, and I will place it there. I suggest we be ready to discuss how EXACTLY the sales work (who gets money and how; who pays sales taxes and how; who pays for the items to be displayed for sale and how if anyone).


Hi Mike, I agree. I do not believe I personally ever saw the original. (Wow!! 8 years already!!)