Possible Skateboard Task Force appointment

I ran into Matt Dahrlington who's running for college board a couple days ago, and it turns out that both he and his supporter Ted Loewenberg who was also there are on the city's Skateboard Task Force. I started asking them some questions about this commission, and it turns out that there's currently an opening for a representative of the inline skating community. Well, this just might be my in to get an appointment! (Although I need to get a new pair of skates since my old ones broke at the end of the Pride Parade earlier this summer.)

  Ted, who is the chair of the task force, expressed a willingness to have me on, and invited me to attend their next meeting on Wednesday Nov. 10, at 6pm in City Hall, Room 278. I'm not quite sure what to expect; presumably something much less formal than a confirmation hearing, but I gather the commission members have some influence on who gets appointed. From Ted's brief description of the makeup of the task force, it sounds like the majority of the members are skateboard-friendly and it wouldn't be too much trouble; a lot of the seats are designated for the Youth Commission. But if I have a few supporters come to the STF meeting, it might help grease the wheels a bit.

  Ultimately however I would need to be appointed by either the mayor or Board of Supervisors. If Measures D, E, or J lose, they may not be in the mood to appoint me to anything. 8) Of course they might not anyway. Anyway, it would be a milestone for us if I was able to get in. Although we have Kathleen Harrington as a registered Libertarian on -- is it the board of permit appeals? -- she hasn't really been that connected with the party.

Yours in liberty,
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