Pork Dollars At Work - Whether We Like it Or Not

Dear All;

The House late on Wednesday passed a $410 billion
omnibus spending bill HR 1105 at some 1123
pages with an hour allowed for debate it's also
packed with 8,500 pet projects costing some
$8 billion requested by Democrats and Republicans.

Some of the items included:

$1.7 million for a honey bee laboratory in
Weslaco, Tex.; $346,000 for research on
apple fire blight in Michigan and New York;
and $1.5 million for work on grapes and grape
products, including wine., $1.8 million to
conduct research in Iowa on “swine odor
and manure management, $173,000 for
research on asparagus production in Washington
State; $206,000 for wool research in Montana,
Texas and Wyoming; and $209,000 for efforts
to improve blueberry production in Georgia,
$208,000 to control a weed known as
cogongrass in Mississippi; $1.2 million to control
cormorants in Michigan, Mississippi, New
York and Vermont; $1 million to control
Mormon crickets in Utah; and $162,000
to control rodents in Hawaii.

Democrats also earmarked money for the
presidential libraries of three Democrats:
Franklin D. Roosevelt ($17.5 million),
John F. Kennedy ($22 million) and
Lyndon B. Johnson ($2 million).

For the full pork laden bill go to this pdf:
its an 1123 page pdf so watch out for the
time to download then put on your hip waders and
start sloshing through the pork.

http://snipurl.com/cpo4r [frwebgate_access_gpo_gov]

Some of the US government agencies receiving
significant increases in federal money are the following:

Nice to see our tax dollars at work even when
we were never asked to if we would want our
money spent like that at all or even spent in
the first place.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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