PorcFest 2007 Arrangements

In case you're interested...

Janice and I will be attending the annual Porcupine Festival (PF2007) http://www.freestateproject.org/festival/ of the Free State Project.

It will be held at the Gunstock Campground (http://summer.gunstock.com/) in Gilford, NH, which has tenting accommodations.

We'll be lodging at the Gunstock Inn (www.gunstockinn.com).

We'll be leaving SFO on a Jet Blue red-eye flight (#476) on Wed. 20 June and returning on Sun. 24 June (flight #1009).

We'll be leading a hike to the summit of Mt. Liberty in the gorgeous White Mountains on Fri. 22 June.

I hope you'll join us. Make your reservations now!

Best, Michael