Starchild excellent comments about putting the V in perspective. Now as for the cops this year could now be the time to imagine how much better things would be if the city had been under the protection of the private patrol for the last few months.?

"Putting the V in perspective"? Not sure to what you're referring Phil, but it sounds complementary, so thanks!

  Replacing government police with non-government ones wouldn't necessarily make a positive difference however, if their mission, training, etc., remained the same. As evidence, I point to the screeners at SFO, who unlike at most U.S. airports work for a private company rather than for the TSA. Most people I've told about this didn't realize they weren't the TSA, because the experience for the violated traveler is basically the same. In fact I've been through TSA-run screenings at other airports that were more mellow than at SFO.

  In many cases, I've come to the counter-intuitive (from a libertarian perspectiVe*) conclusion that privatizing government functions which shouldn't be done by anyone is actually worse than having government employees doing them. Why? Because having non-government contractors tends to make the evil operations more efficient, and has a corrupting effect on the companies involved (incentivizing them to lobby in support of maintaining or expanding the programs they're hired to run).

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*There you go, Phil! :wink:

Well you’re absolutely right Starchild but the TSA is paid by the feds or actually the feds force the airlines to charge us and then take the loot and give it to the TSA contractors. Therefore they are working under the feds rules. The great thing about all this anarchy is that just possibly it could bring us to A Norco capitalism. The present system has been systematically fucking the poor black and white and especially the young had increasing levels for the last 50 years since the money which is half of all transactions was unleashed from the anchor of gold. Perhaps the future is Security paid for by the people with bitcoin. Of course the corporate media Has been sewing the seeds of this hatred and trying to make it racial so that those who most benefit from an ending fractional reserve counterfeit routing of the rest of society and the world will not be targeted. I wish the looters would go downtown to maiden Lane and take care of the problem