Political Chat

Hi Everyone,

I'm going to the Sheesh Mahal, for the Political Chat.
I'll be there in case anyone shows up. I went to check
my e-mail to find the time and place of the Mayoral
Forum and I was hit with nearly 60 messages from the
lpsf! I don't have time to sift through them all to
find the one that has the info. on the Forum, as I
have to leave the East Bay to beat the traffic.

I'll bring my lesson plans and use the time to create
my student's first Algebra quiz for tomorrow, just in
case no one shows up. If anyone wants to stop by after
the forum, I'll be there.

If I new how to download all the e-mails into my Palm
Pilot, I could use the time to read them all.

Dave Barker.

the auditorium of The Hiram building at 455 Golden Gate Ave.

-- Steve