Political Chat


I'll commit to attending the chat this Wednesday (September 10), but I will leave at 7:30 if nobody else shows up by then and agrees to walk with me to the bus stop after dark.

Since it's easy to use this discussion list to find out who will be at the chats, I think it's worth doing even if only one person commits. Like you, I am willing to take a chance on being the only one there because I can use the time to catch up on reading, and walking to the meeting place is a nice form of exercise. Also, I enjoy the discussions even if only one other person shows up.

However, I cannot commit to doing research or bringing literature on a particular topic, and I don't think that is necessary when the group includes people who are continually doing research on a variety of topics. In fact, if it would make it easier on you to coordinate the chats if you didn't have to choose a topic, I would say that it's not necessary to choose a topic in advance.

By the way, thanks for your excellent article in the LPC newsletter about your experiences in public schools. It was enlightening.

Also, I was sorry to hear that we will be losing you to the East Bay. I hope you will be able to visit LPSF events occasionally.