Political action committees


  I meant "political action committee" in a practical sense, not a
legal sense. I am not particularly interested in creating any new
group that involves government rules or paperwork. I was simply
talking about a group of people who get together and hear from
candidates and ballot measure proponents/opponents and then issue
opinions. Perhaps groups could be focused on studying and becoming
experts on specific local issues or areas of public policy, such as
property rights, self ownership (body freedom issues), identification/
surveillance issues, taxes & fees, etc., and seek to build coalitions
with non-libertarian allies and develop action agendas on those
issues. These could even be LPSF "working groups" which would be given
latitude by the party to develop party policy in those specific areas,
within general libertarian guidelines.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Glad you clarified. Thank you. I will place your subject on the agenda for next meeting, and you can introduce the idea.