Political action committees and neighborhood associations


  Yes, I'm talking about more the neighborhood association level of
organization. I didn't say "neighborhood association" simply because
I'm not sure our group(s) would be geographically based. While I'd
love to form a group with other freedom lovers in my neighborhood for
barrio-level activism, we're a small enough group that it might be
difficult finding more than a couple of us in close proximity to each

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Dear Starchild;

The Hood as it were is loosely defined and could encompass a decent swath of the
City based on how named and how set up but it's cheap to do with Face Book and
Web site and we could probably use one of the open telephone line numbers as a
referral telephone number and use the PO Box for mailings.

We just need to define what the " Mission Statement " is to be and what we want
to achieve as a neighborhood group...

Ron Getty

I went online and found an interactive map tool that I think could
work well for us in terms of organizing, not just for this
neighborhood associations project, but potentially for other uses as
well. Basically I took a map of the city (cut off slightly at the
edges, because my screen capture tool couldn't capture the entire map)
and added pins showing the locations of myself and Phil Berg (I don't
have photos for most of ya'll, but was able to grab one of Phil off
his website). If you scroll over a pin, it will show our photo, where
we each live, and our contact info (note the images may not load


  What I propose we do is add all our members to a map like this who
are willing to be added, and link it as a hidden page on the LPSF site
(you'd need a password to access it). That way we can see where the
concentrations of Libertarians are, for neighborhood association
formation purposes, signature-gathering purposes for campaign
petitions, etc.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))