Police State Jobs Available for Psychopaths

Police State Jobs Available for Psychopaths

The sociopathic police personality: Is it a product of the “Rotten Apple” or the “Rotten Barrel?”


The “Rotten Apple” theory states that deviant police officers are those who psychological testing fails to screen out. This concept is favored by police administrators because it offers a quick and easy solution to police deviant behavior. However, there is a growing body of literature that suggests that it is the stressful occupation that is policing that is the fertile soil from which police deviant behavior springs otherwise known as the “Rotten Barrel” theory. This article shall explore police deviant behavior from the perspective that it is the “Rotten Barrel” that leads to police deviant behavior.

What we are now seeing appears to indicate that psychological testing is being used to locate and hire sociopathic deviants rather than to screen them out. Are the people, who ought to be in prisons or mental institutions, now being given guns and badges? Are the prisons or mental institutions now for religious, or freedom loving people? Sociopathic deviants are the first line of enforcement in every dictatorship.
Watch our Police State with your own eyes.
This is where the term "police state" originates
Cops Stop Ambulance On Way To Hospital And Fight With EMT
Cell phone video shows highway patrol grabbing paramedic by the throat

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The incident occurred on Highway 62 near Boley in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma.
Beware of traveling in Oklahoma

Write to the Oklahoma Tourism Centers and ask them why anyone would want to come to their state or feel safe on it's highways.




Write to the Oklahoma Governor, Brad Henry. He ought to try to recover some prestige: He tried to veto his State's Sovereignty Resolution, and the Legislature overrode him.

Telephone: (405) 521-2342)


Perhaps we should ask:

Why would do you think anyone would want to come to Oklahoma or travel on it's highways?
Who will protect us from our Protectors?