Yes to everything with explanation
Please accomadate my disability as I am blind.

Please call me for confirmation to either my cell at 415 305 8755 or 415 290 1063. I cant do paperwork. as I am legally blind.thank you.

The Children’s Defense Fund Action Council is asking every candidate running for a seat in the
U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, from all political parties, to support the passage of legislation
in the 111th Congress that will ensure every child and pregnant woman in America access to
comprehensive, affordable health and mental health coverage.

By signing this pledge, you affirm you will support the inclusion of the following critical principles in
any child health coverage legislation considered in the 111th Congress.
  Yes to everything with explaination

I hereby pledge that I will work to pass child health coverage legislation in 2009 that will:

o Ensure every child and pregnant woman has access to affordable health coverage and
health services.

o Guarantee all children and pregnant women comprehensive benefits, which must include
all medically necessary services.

o Simplify the application and enrollment process to make it easy for all children to get
covered and stay covered

Dear reader, very few of you will agree with much of what is written, but I urge you to consider the ideas.

  I will work to create a free and non coercive society. I will work to end all the wars the US is involved, including the war on drugs.

I am blind because a non caring FDA took five years before I was allowed to use drugs for HIV that were clearly effective. Please excuse the random typo, as editing blind is not easy.

I will work to eliminate the police powers of the FDA by defunding the DEA and making obeyance of FDA guidelines voluntary under the common tort law. I would also make the FDA a non profit like underwriters lab so that it's employees can be sued.

I will seek to make all medical certifications voluntary. My profession is guided by a private certifying board, the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.
I would seek to allow people to choose any type of health , fromany kind of provider subject only to the criminal and law for fraud or negligence.

I would work to end the income tax , and all payroll taxes, helping even the poorest families to afford health insurance.

Health care would probably drop very far down in price if all the various monopoly structures that are enforced by government licensure were eliminated. Why is health care the only area of our economy where technology has greatly increased costs, not reduced. Could it be because the sector is deeply involved and deeply funded by government??

Freed of taxes and fees, and with greatly reduced costs, a sustainable universal health system may well emerge aided by the overall prosperity of a country relieved of the burden of multiple wars, . Making medicine a profession of love again might be the result , when medical institutionsare not forced to help people. Hospitals funded volunatarily andwith compassion and caring, may become the norm, as compassion is a human emotion as much as greed and sloth. Being blind, i see peoples concern and willingness to pitch and help everyewhere and every day. the only place that I have been refused help to do paperwork was at the DMV and post office. No kidding.

The present promises of the Federal Government, adding up 300,000 dollars per person if honestly accounted for, cannot be met . This number comes from the former head of the government accouting office. Thus , the liberty way is more likely to deliver good health results . The government will bankrupt either itself or the country if the path of liberty is not taken.

The Nordic countries can afford national health care because they have a raft of very profitable businesses to girder the economy, and they have a relatively non diverse population that has an ingrained culture of education stemming from centuries of success in entrepeneurship..

Or to put it another way, Would you like to go to the hospital and be met by the same folks who run the dmV ?

In addition, medicine is an art, and art thrives in freedom. BUreaucratic medicine produces innovation at a snails pace.

Had we had socialized medicine , a rose by any name, the I probably would not be alive to write this, as the drugs ,despite the FDA, were developed by private entrepeneurs. with the FDA out of the way, and no assurance of a government payer, the drug companies would face real competition and much lower costs would resul.

Name: Philip Berg,_______________________________________

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  October 21 2006
Date: _________________________________________
  California Congressional District 8, San Francisco vs Nancy Pelosi.
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