Please vote to approve Alan Pyeatt's current motions

Dear ExCom members,

  I am writing in support of the motions that Alan Pyeatt has introduced in response to repeated statements by Libertarian National Committee member Wayne Allyn Root in the media that go against what our party stands for.

  As you may have heard, at least two other state affiliates, Florida and Idaho, have passed even stronger resolutions on this issue during the past couple weeks, calling for Root to be removed from the LNC.

  By contrast, Alan's moderate wording rebuking Root and calling for LP members, candidates, officers, official or de facto spokespersons, and staff to "distinguish between their own views and the Libertarian Party’s Platform and Statement of Principles whenever the two are at variance" is a relatively mild reaction to this serious problem.

  Members of the LPC ExCom who understand the need to take steps to counteract the trend in our party away from libertarianism should not have any difficulty voting for this resolution as written, if not amending it to make it stronger. I urge you to vote YES on all three related motions, and to do so soon, as the deadline for voting on these motions is reportedly tomorrow at 7pm.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

P.S. - I am told there is a new Northern Vice-Chair, but I do not have that person's identity or contact info. If one of you would pass that along, I would appreciate it. I note also that the Executive Committee membership list on the LPC website has not been updated, and there appears to be no way to contact ExCom members from the site. If each member's listing would include a phone number and an email address, I believe this will help improve communication between the state and local levels of our party. There is also no way to contact most of the county affiliates from the website. This is a very pressing issue, because casual visitors to the site may currently get the impression that only the four counties currently linked have active local chapters, when this is not the case. I encourage ExCom members to try to address this matters ASAP so that the terrific new state website we have can actually fulfill its potential. I have volunteered to help with updating the website -- please let me know how I can be of assistance.

P.P.S. - Since the committee is still, unfortunately, using a secret email list to conduct business, please pass along the roll-call results of this vote after voting has concluded, so that myself and other interested members can know what actions our representatives have taken. Thank you!