Please help me finalize tomorrow's agenda

After being on the wrong coast for three weeks and sick the last few
days, I'm sure I'm missing an agenda item or two. Please look at:

and let me know what I've neglected to include.

Speaking of, since I've been sick, even though I'm feeling a lot better,
the recent news about H1N1 makes me reluctant to interact with people
for several more days on the off chance that mine wasn't a case of plain
old flu. So, Ron will chair tomorrow's meeting, and though I'll be just
across the courtyard from the meeting room, I'll call in via
speakerphone. I guess we'll let people sign/PS the letters we're
working on during the activity period at the end of the meeting, and
then I'll sign them 8 or 9 days after I first had a fever and drop them
in the mail. Should only delay the mailing for a week.