Please help make Badnarik's Commonwealth Club appearance a success

Ok Rob, I called and reserved a seat. Thanks for the reminder. I told
some friends about it who will be attending. See you there.

BTW, were you arranging a breakfast for Michael? If so, do you have an

Best, Michael

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appearance a success

Fellow Libertarians:

We recently succeeded in talking the Commonwealth Club in San

Francisco into

giving Michael Badnarik an hour to speak on this Thursday, August

19, from

Noon to 1 p.m. We also asked that he be given the largest room at


Club's Market Street offices, which seats 250.

As of a couple of days ago, there were only 20 reservations.

Please do two things right now:

1) Reserve your seat for Michael's Commonwealth Club appearance at:

2) Spread the word about his appearance to friends, family, other
organizations -- anyone who would be interested in hearing an

alternative to

Bush/Kerry talk about America's future.

The title of his talk is "Government vs. The Constitution." It's

only $8 a

seat if your a Club member, $15 if you are not. If you work in San
Francisco, it's a great way for you to spend your lunch break this


If you don't work in San Francisco, the Commonwealth Club is


located right outside the Montgomery Street BART station (I myself


BARTing in from my office in Oakland). Even if your schedule stays


hectic to make a reservation in advance, please try to attend this

event on

Thursday at Noon. Unless we succeed in filling the room with 250


tickets will still be sold at the door in the hour before the event.

The main thing is that we need to pack the room. We need at least


people attending this event. It's not like a fundraiser, where you


plan on writing him an additional check afterwards. In fact, since


Commonwealth Club is a 501c3, all proceeds are going only to the

Club, and

not the campaign. He's not allowed to say "Vote for Me" in his

speech, but

rather will be giving the "short-short version" of his 8-hour class

on the

Constitution. This is literally the least expensive campaign


Michael Badnarik will be making in the Bay Area this year. Please


miss it.

Thank you.

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