Please end job-killing taxes and regulations instead of adding new burdens on employers


  I understand the desire to do something for unemployed San Franciscans in the Bayview and elsewhere, but this is the wrong approach. Forcing companies to hire more local workers may sound good, but it will have negative unintended consequences. When companies leave the city instead of being forced to hire people on some basis other than skills and qualifications, it may not seem like such a good idea any more.

  This is also a case of "think about what would happen if everybody did this." When other communities retaliate with their own locals-first legislation and companies doing business in those communities are forced to lay off people working for them who live in San Francisco, or not hire them in the first place, in order to hire local residents, it may not seem like such a good idea any more. Economists know that this type of protectionism ultimately hurts everyone. Do a web search and read up on the "Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930", which was designed to help American companies during the Great Depression by favoring them over non-U.S. competitors, and ended up making the Depression much worse by causing other countries to adopt their own taxes on U.S. exports, dealing a big hit to U.S. companies and creating *more* unemployment. Let's learn from history, not repeat its mistakes!

  Fortunately, there are other, better ways to help local workers. Here are a few:

(1) Eliminate the payroll tax. Why should companies have to pay government in order to reduce unemployment? This stupid tax creates a disincentive to hire people.
(2) Eliminate permit and business license fees. Why should entrepreneurs be penalized for going into business instead of sitting home cashing unemployment checks?
(3) Eliminate the local sales tax. Requiring businesses to charge extra to customers who shop in San Francisco hurts local businesses and makes no sense.

  Getting rid of these and other government penalties is a responsible way to create more local jobs. Creating more hoops for employers to jump through, by contrast, will only hurt the economy and make the state of California and the country as a whole less economically competitive in the world.

  We should also decriminalize drugs, prostitution, and gambling locally. Back in San Francisco's boom days of the mid-1800s these things were all legal. We should return to that kind of tolerance and respect for individual freedom and choice. Many young residents in the Bayview are arrested, prosecuted, and caught up in the criminal justice system for victimless "crimes" like selling drugs on the black market, and having criminal records reduces their ability to get employment, besides wasting taxpayer money and police and prosecutorial resources that could be used to go after real crimes against life, liberty, and property like murder, assault, and burglary.

  Candidates can best show their understanding of economics and their political independence by resisting bandwagon Depression-style political pandering and *not* signing on to a local hiring mandate.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))