Please don't hurt artists with government-run health care!


  Many artists are working in the informal or black market economy, either under the table or as self-employed unlicensed professionals, either because they are undocumented, because their occupations have been criminalized, because they are independent-spirited by nature and dislike being hobbled by bureaucracy and controls, because they are barely getting by as it is and cannot afford to pay Social Security and other taxes, or some combination of these or other factors. Because these workers have to live in fear of the law, they are typically afraid to speak out or stand up for their rights, and there are many more of them than most people think!

  Since they have no legal proof of income, they will not be eligible for government health care plans that cater to those who are lower income. In a government-run "universal" health care system, they will either be forced to buy health care they cannot afford, or they will go without health care, and have an even harder time getting treatment than they do now as current avenues for "free" or low-cost taxpayer-funded treatment are shut down and people forced into the new system.

  "Health Identification, please? Don't have it? Sorry, we can't help you here until you come back with ID."

  Arts organizations should be more faithful to the independent spirit of the community they serve, and not help the above scenario become a reality at the expense of those caught outside the system.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))