Please consider dropping so as not take votes from John Dennis


Maybe Daniel Manson doesn't understand that California does not permit candidates to withdraw.

Although Phil cannot get off the ballot, of course he could ask voters to vote for John Dennis. Phil, please don't do that. I did some work to help get signatures in lieu of filing fee for you, and if you ask people to vote for John Dennis, I will feel tricked. If John Dennis were elected, he would vote for John Boehner for Speaker. John Boehner is pro-war, pro-drug war, anti-gay, and no friend of Ron Paul.

I would tell this person that you don't believe John Dennis has a chance to beat Nancy that line of argument falls on deaf ears. However, it possibly makes sense to acknowledge John's campaign for political purposes....such as playing a hand in the card game of bridge....when your partner has a much stronger hand and you play the "dummy" to help him out. I personally feel the campaign is VERY libertarian. The word Republican was never mentioned at the event as far as I heard....while the word Libertarian was mentioned repeatedly. While I respect Rob's opinion regarding the event, I personally disagree about the sentiment of the event and feel it was VERY good for Libertarians to be there. Thanks to Starchild for setting up the table. He got a lot of attention over there that lots of interest from visitors. The poster looked great and got everyone looking by the way.

Personally, I got a lot of respect from Matt Gonzales, Tony Hall and numerous others from the local political scene. It seems a real good time for us to play a little politics with these people. Whether John does wins or not, these people are clearly in our camp in many ways and it might be a good time to play a little politics with them. After Phil told me he was considering this at the event, I mentioned it to John and Ron Paul....while Ron doesn't know Phil, John was VERY happy to hear the LP might do this.

I don't think it will make much difference in the vote...but Phil's endorsement might have political significance and help bring us closer to a healthy political movement that might carry on past this election. But the decision is up to Phil and the LP officers.

And of course Richard Winger's view that just came in while I'm writing this has to be taken very seriously too. Richard's perception about this doesn't sound promising for the LPSF at all. Maybe Phil needs to bring this up to John personally as an issue and get some commitments from John or at least let him know why this is or isn't possible. At least we can use it as a point of dialogue regardless of the outcome.


By the way....I don't disagree with any of Rob's arguments about things Libertarians disagree with regarding John's campaign....immigration, defense of marriage, etc... And I was personally open about them in discussions with others there. No one argued or disagreed with the LP position.


  Thanks for sharing this with us, I can certainly see his point,
although he probably isn't factoring into his thinking something that
to me is a very important consideration, namely keeping the
Libertarian Party from becoming more conservative. With respect to
that goal, having Libertarian candidates drop out in favor of more
conservative Republican candidates (even if they're only a bit more
conservative, as in John's case), sends a counter-productive message.


  If John Dennis promised us he wouldn't support John Boehner for
speaker (perhaps he could nominate Ron Paul instead), would that
overcome your objections? What else do you (or anyone else) think we
should demand, as a condition of Phil dropping out? Or do you think
nothing he could possibly offer would be enough to warrant such a move?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

When someone votes for Phil, that someone is voting for a Libertarian majority in the US House (I interpret it that way, anyway). Starting in 1998, without any break, Libertarian candidates for US House collectively (all across the nation) get at least 1% of the national vote cast for US House. Some years we get closer to 2%. I would just love to get that up to 3% this year, and it seems possible, even though (due to bad ballot access laws in some states plus not enough Libertarians who want to run) we have candidates in fewer than half the districts this year and most years.

We are the only third party in the US that has managed to get even 1% of the entire vote for US House, since 1948. And we've done it now five times in a row. So, there really isn't anything that John Dennis could do to persuade me not to vote Libertarian for US House, this year and all years. I also know that the odds that my one vote would elect Dennis over Pelosi are probably one in five million.

Thank you, Michael. Perfect response.


Dear Daniel,

The numbers refer to your paragraphs:
1. Which mainstream media? Please send citations, since I'm skeptical.
2. Agreed.
3. There's a third option: continue your activism with Ron Paul's goal of
spreading the freedom message and building a movement, rather than winning a
hopeless race.
4. Yes. No chance of winning and no chance of even coming close.

You're new to libertarian activism, yes?

Warm regards, Michael

Thanks, Michael! The "wasted vote" argument is getting kinda old amongst us, right? We don't fall for it, right?