Please complete this survey regarding LP Platform

Since I didn't receive an invitation to take the survey, and my LP national
dues are current, I'm wondering who else got an invitation (please email me
if you're an LP member and didn't receive this survey). Whether you got an
invitation directly from or not, please fill out this survey:

You'll note that the Helen Lovejoy caucus had a majority on the PlatCom,
asking over and over again, "Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!"

(See if you're
not familiar with Helen Lovejoy of the Simpsons cartoon.)

I did get a survey (life member, haven't contributed for several years),
and had the same reaction, though I hadn't heard of Helen Lovejoy.

Rob, I caved in an renewed my membership to the LP, beginning of 2009, but I do not recall the survey. But maybe I received it and deleted it as promptly as all the other stuff. Are you encouraging us to take the survey, and if so I will.


What? I used to watch the Simpsons with Celeste (used the episodes as teaching/discussion moments. Remember when Homer volunteered to come out of the bomb shelter?), but I can't recall a Helen Lovejoy.


She's Reverend Lovejoy's wife. It's a running gag on the show. Whatever
crisis is facing Springfield, big or small, related to children or not, she
always comes out of the crowd to implore everyone to "PLEASE think of the
children!" I believe this was the first one, but there have been several

Yes, everyone with "San Francisco Values," please take the survey,
especially if when you get to the last page you'll be saying you plan to go
to the 2010 convention. I'm tired of only the South having a vote on our

Unfortunately the Platform Committee is so stacked with social conservatives
this year that I'm wondering whether I can even muster 4 signers out of the
20 members for a minority report, so if the survey shows enough delegates'
disgust with the draft report, there's a chance that some who voted for some
of these proposals will make a motion to reconsider them at our final
meeting right before the convention. That's still a long-shot, since it
takes a 2/3 majority to reconsider, but it's unfortunately our only
remaining choice at this point. After that, it's in the hands of the
delegates to vote these proposals up or down, by a simple majority.


Why not point out that our policies are good for kids when they most
certainly are such as stable money, greater national security through
peace and non intervention, greater responsibility compassion, and
community. Less financial stress on parents, means more quality time.
affordable free market care guarantees your child access to quality
health care. If we are going to be a political party, why unilaterally
disarm our rhetoric?