please call in to support sex worker rights


This is Aster (some of you may know me as Je@nine). I know I've not
been around the LPSF much in awhile, tho' some very touching
experiences I had at the LP National Convention have recently
reignited my enthusiasm for the libertarian movement.

I'm writing because I have a piece of libertarian activism which could
make an immense difference for myself and other sex workers in this
city. Essentially, a few phone calls right now could easily make the
difference by which we could annul the prostitution laws in this
town. If you believe in sex worker rights I urge you to take the time
to read through this and please make a few phone calls. Make them so
what happened to Starchild does not happen again at least in this city.

Thank you greatly.

* * * * *

My greetings.

I am involved in a petition campaign to get a measure for non-
enforcement of prostitution laws on the ballot in San Francisco for
the upcoming Novemeber election. Needless to say, if this succeeds it
would make an immense difference for me and other San Francisco sex
workers as well as set a precedent which could send shockeaves through
the whole country. Sex work would be effectively decriminalised in
San Francisco. It would be for sex workers rights what the medical
marijuana clubs are for the drug rights movement.

Normally, we would need some 10,000 signatures to get this on the
ballot... and unfortunately with so few sex workers willing to come
out in public it just looks like there's little chance we can get

HOWEVER, there exists in San Francisco a procedure by which one can
bypass all this signature gathering if one can get four members of the
Board of Supervisors to sign off on the measure instead. We've been
talking with various supervisors, and many are leaning towards
supporting us but haven't committed. I believe enough phone calls
made in the very near future could make the difference between this
measure getting on the ballot or not.

And if this measure does get on the ballot, it has a VERY serious
chance of being approved by the voters. Most San Franciscans believe
sex work should not be prosecuted, and given the religious right harly
exists out here the anti-porn wing of feminism is the only enemy we
have in this particular struggle for our freedom. And I think if we
got a chance to promote this local measure we can win. If you support
sex workers rights, this is the time to help.

Please call these numbers. Tell them you want the non-enforcement of
prostitution measure on the ballot. Especially if you live in San
Francisco or have some connection with the area. If you are a sex
worker, I ask for your support as a sister. If you are a libertarian,
please take a few minutes on some political activism that could
actually make a difference for freedom in many peoples' lives.
Including mine.

The numbers to call are:
(emails are less good but better than nothing)

Supervisor Tom Ammiano (415) 554-5144 Tom.Ammiano@...
Supervisor Jake McGoldrick (415) 554-7410 jake.mcgoldrick@...
Supervisor Bevan Dufty (415) 554-6968 bevan.dufty@...
Supervisor Chris Daly (415) 554-7970 chris.daly@...
Supervisor Sophie Maxwell (415) 554-7670
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi (415) 554-7630 ross.mirkarimi@...
Supervisor Aaron Peskin (415) 554-7450 aaron.peskin@...
Supervisor Gerardo Sandova (415) 554-6975 gerardo.sandoval@...
Supervisor Fiona Ma (415) 554-7460

Thank you so much.

If you can't call or don;t wish to, you could also help us by

* Writing letters to city hall. Send all letters to City Hall, 1 Dr.
Carlton B Goodlett Place Room 244, San Francisco 94102)

* If you live in San Francisco, you can come out and help collect
signatures. If you are a registered San Francisco Voter, not only can
you sign the petition but you can help collect signatures. Come join
us at any of the locations listed at the http://espu- .

While it's unlikely we will get the 10,000 signatures the more
signatures we do get the more likely it is we can get another
supervisor to support us.

* Donate.

7 Reasons to Donate (courtesy of Maxine Dougan):

1) Stop law enforcement agencies from profiting off the
criminalization of prostitution by spending 7.6 million on enforcing
the prostitution laws.

2) Stop the immoral practice of arresting workers before they receive

3) Stop the deportation of migrant workers.

4) Stop the poverty pimping of sex industry worker by healthcare
providers who profit off the criminalization of prostitution by giving
out condoms and counseling.

5) Stop the poverty pimping of the sex industry worker by social
service providers who haven't helped us get our right to negotiate for
our wages and work conditions?

6)It's an important way to participate in this community beneficial
cause. By contributing to the petition you get to be part of the
solution to end violence against sex workers.

7)Fight back against the century long oppression against most revered
workers on the planet. Get the government out of our underwear!

Donate on line at
Make Checks or money orders payable to ESPU
Mail checks to ESPU
c/o San Francisco Labor Council
1188 Franklin # 203
San Francisco, Ca

Blessed be!

Lady Aster

Dear Lady Aster (Is That The Former Jeanine Ring?) and Everyone Else;

For the record 4 Supervisors have until Friday August 11 to co-sign and have the initiative sent to the Dept Elections to go on the ballot for Nov. 7.

These two supervisors were left off the list -any reason why? Or are they don't bother to call on this issue?

Supervisor Michaela Alioto-Pier (415) 554-7752 Michela.Alioto-Pier@...
Supervisor Sean Elsbernd 415) 554-6516 Sean.Elsbernd@...

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian