Plea for signatures: Watson for Equalization

Please help get signatures for long-time LP activist Kennita Watson,
running for the Board of Equalization.

~Chris Maden, LPSF Secretary

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
From: "Kennita Watson" <>

Greetings, all --

This is a plea for signatures for my petition to run
for Board of Equalization, District 1 (northwest CA).
Each signature will save me $8.75 in filing fees.
There isn't a lot of time, so please download my
petition today from
[]( ,
sign it, fill out the Affadavit of Circulator, and
return it to the applicable address below by the end
of this week (Friday 2/17/06).

Please get this to as many of the registered
Libertarians in your county (Santa Clara, San Mateo,
Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco) as possible --
I'm not on all the local lists.


San Francisco County:
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
2215-R Market St., PMB 170, San Francisco, CA 94114

Santa Clara County:
Allen Rice, PO Box 8341, San Jose, CA 95155

San Mateo County:
Margret Schmidt, 2046 Stockbridge Ave., Redwood City CA 94061

Alameda County:
Jim Eyer for Congress, 4200 Park Blvd. MBN 2004, Oakland, CA

Contra Costa County:
Cory Nott, 3206 Claudia Drive, Concord, CA 94552

Thanks very much!
Kennita Watson
Libertarian for Board of Equalization

P.S.: If you have any doubts about how to fill out the
petition, please check out the instructions at
[]( .
Don't worry about the "duplex" part, since we shortened
the petition to all fit on one page; read "front" and
"back" as "top of" and "bottom of". Note that the
"AFFADAVIT OF CIRCULATOR" is still important -- I know it
hurts your rational Libertarian mind to write things
twice on the same page, but bureaucracy is like that.