Playing with others

In the Downsize D.C. discussion the Constitution Party came up.

I think that they are very nice people. It is very nice of them to think that non Christians can be tolerated in the United States, especially those whiney, complaining Jews.

It is also very intelligent of them to insist that keeping "in God We Trust" on the currency is a good thing. After all doesn't everybody know that trusting in God is just as good as trusting the money guaranteed by Him.

but seriously, Isn't it better to focus on what we want than focus on what we don't like.

We want Liberty. We don't want a lot of what the Constitution Party wants, or the Greens. Lets focus on what we want, focus on where on where it intersects on what they want, and talk with them on the common grounds. Maybe then we can win friends and influence them towards Liberty.

Paging Mr. Carnegie.