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I love the delightful wonders of yahoo group servers and how they make life so interesting at times and sometimes take forever to post or forward. <<

Yeah. I sent out four emails the other evening to the same group over about ten minutes, and they arrived over the next half hour in almost the exact reverse order I had sent them. I wonder how they do that!?


Dear Richard;

Probably the same way they ate 4 e-mails I sent out 4 1/2 days ago which have been eaten by the Ether Monster and are never to be seen again.

I sent a tech request out because of the bad results on several e-mails and I got a response e-mail back to call a techie and the number given for ATT/SBC Yahoo techie was a non-working number - somewhere in India I think.

Ah Yes - Good Old Customer Service.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian