Plastic shopping bag ban

Thwe question that would raise religous furror in the greens would be"

If the arguement against non biodegradeable bags in a landfill is that they may last a few hundred, imagine if we had everyone carry their groceries in disposable granite boxes, they wouldn't degrade for 2 billion years.

Will this raise food privces for thealready strapped SF working poor elderly , or disabled. And will the bags be strong to be carried for long rides on transit or walks home forthose withourt cars.

Has Aaron Peskin ever blindfolded himself and carried a few grocery bags 10 blocks at night with a cane in one hand? How much would it impact his life if the bag broke or was paper in the rain. If he was always on public transit would he be bothered having to carry an empty backpack around instead of having a convenient disposbable at the store?

It's the little things like this that make me sick.