Plan to revive the Activist Forum / Officer vote requested

I've been thinking on and off about the possibility of reviving the
Activist Forum (nee Direct Action Forum), the monthly speaker event I
used to organize for the LPSF, and I've come up with an idea for how
to do it which I'd like to run by you all.

  The essence of the plan is to make the events no longer the exclusive
province of the Libertarian Party, but to take advantage of the
existence of a growing number of different pro-freedom organizations
in San Francisco to create a larger audience. Single-issue groups will
be welcome to participate, as long as they are pro-freedom on their
issue of concern. Here are the groups I'm planning to approach:

Libertarian Party of San Francisco
Campaign For Liberty
The Seasteading Institute
Pacific Research Institute
Americans For Safe Access
Sex Workers Outreach Project
Erotic Service Providers Union
Pink Pistols
Oath Keepers (just found out this group holds regular meetings in SF)
Liberty On The Rocks

  Please let me know if you can think of any others which should be on
the list. Basically the model would work as follows. I will start a
Meetup site for the series. members and members of the
public will be charged $5 to attend speaking events. However, each
participating group will have a guest list (I'm thinking perhaps 10
spots per group,) and they will be able to allocate these "free
passes" to their members or others as they choose (a contact person
from each group will be responsible for emailing me a list of names
prior to each event.)

  In exchange for being listed as a participating group and receiving a
number of free guest spots each month, participating groups will be
expected to promote the events to their members and/or via whatever
means they use to communicate with the public. Each event will also
include the opportunity for a representative from each group to take a
minute or two to make any special announcements they may wish to make
for their group (letting people know about their group's meetings,
website, upcoming events, etc.) Participating groups will also be
listed as sponsors on the Meetup site.

  My hope is that this model will accomplish several things:

• Provide the critical mass necessary to guarantee a respectable
turnout each month
• By attracting a larger audience, give politicians, candidates, and
higher-profile speakers an incentive to want to come and speak to us
• Create a more unified and networked pro-freedom community in San
• Encourage members of the public who wish to attend the events to get
involved with one of the participating groups so as to avoid paying
the $5
• Give the participating groups greater visibility via the Meetup
• Allow me to recoup the $144 annual Meetup fee and perhaps even turn
a small profit on these events (which might well go to pay for
additional promotion such as fliers advertising specific events to the
public, free snacks, etc.)
• Fulfill the original dual purpose of the Activist Forum, namely
educating freedom activists about local issues, politics, and
government, and educating our speakers and any folks they may bring
with them about freedom

  I will of course be looking for a meeting location (one of our
perennial issues!) If you have any leads or ideas on that, or other
thoughts in general, please let me know. Meanwhile, I would like to
invite the LPSF to become the first participating organization, and
request a vote of the officers for this purpose.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))


Sounds like a marvelous idea!

Some suggestions:
1. Consider including the Independent Institute, the Federalist Society, the
War and Law League, the SF taxpayers group, Jeanie Kennedy's Objectivist
group, the UC Berkeley Libertarian Club, the other Bay Area LP groups, the
Tea Party group, Marc Joffe's Stop Funding the War group, the Green Party
(they're pro-freedom on something, I would hope), the SF Atheists
(pro-freedom on religion and state).
2. Rather than requesting the Guest List be emailed to you monthly, simply
request any changes to the initial List be sent to you monthly, otherwise
the initial Guest List remains in effect.
3. For a meeting room, there are some quiet, empty restaurants, e.g., Thai
Stick 2.0 on O'Farrell, Golden House Vietnamese Restaurant on Golden Gate,
Dim Sum Bar on O'Farrell. Also, the Opera Plaza meeting room where Free
Exchange met.

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Starchild,

I have no problem with the idea in principle. However, I agree with Francoise that voting on this project would be more appropriate at a monthly meeting, rather than by ExCom.

The part of the idea that directly concern me as LPSF Treasurer would be the charging of $5.00. As long as you take care of all the income and expenses in your name or the name of the Direct Action Forum, I would have no problem. Once LPSF meeting participants vote to pay the monthly or whatever Forum fee, then LPSF could just pay and that would be the extent of its financial involvement.

Sounds like an ambitious undertaking, and I would like to see discussion of LPSF being a participating group at our next LPSF meeting.

Thank you, Starchild,


Dear Starchild;

I also agree with Marcy and Francoise and we need a more details of how this is supposed to work and how you plan to run it and make the connections with the other groups AND get their active participation.

Ron Getty
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