Piss Off Neocons - Link to Carol Moore Report Blog!!

Yes, it's true. Neocons state lovers have joined with weak-kneed
libertarian-lites to gut the LP platform. But I think by now most
of the real libertarians had fled the party in disgust since it attracts
so many people willing to sell out principles for a tiny whiff of power
they will never ever weild.
You see we REAL libertarians are getting read to join the growing
SECESSION movement to break up the United States into the
self-governing communites networking and confederating only
as necessary.
Piss off the neocons and the libertarian-lites, link to my new blog
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activism against Bush's next catostrophic war is supported
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Carol in dc

Remember - it is the right of the people to alter or
abolish government - declaration of independence,