Phil's Chinese Name

Here are the Chinese characters for you Phil....looks good.


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Could somebody please email me the pdf
attached to this original message. Mike
Denny doesn't seem to be around and I
don't get the messages e mailed to me so
I did not get the pdf



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Here are the Chinese characters for you

Phil....looks good.

I will be in Starbucks at 18th and Castro
from 2 till 6 pm tomorrow to collect
signitures. Please come by if you are
registered in the eigth district which is
pretty much all of San Francisco except
the Sunset and the hilly areas west of
Mount Sutro. The richmond and Seacliff
are in the district as is the first block south
of gg park.

Also, I have the forms in a notebook on my
porch at 557 Sanchez between 18 and 19
on the east side of the street the first
driveway south of Hancock. You can pull
in the driveway. Just go up the red steps
and you will see the notebook sitting on
chair inside the gate. Reach in, get the
notebook, sign the form and thats it.

Please please, all you lurkers, the deadline
is thursday for 40 signitures of libs
registered. There are also some
registration forms if you want to change to
libertarian and sign the nomination form at
the same time I will take the registrations
to city hall when I drop off the form.
Any volunteers to help call registered libs
are welcome I can e mail the list. My
number is 305 8755.

ps. Jawg called half of her zip tonight and I
called all of 94114. I think we can make it,
but it will be close without your help.

This is a great opportunity to recontact to
our base, and the campaign could be a big
outreach and education opportunity, not to
mention how sweet it will be to win.
Idealism can yield fruit.