Phil's campaign misc.

I talked at length with Richard ringer. He said that it was no problem
to have funds come from the lpsf to my campaign, and he believed the
total allowed was 28000 dollars. I think that he said that a
california law against this was overturned by the Supremes. AS one
becomes more entrenched as a Libertarian, one never expects or assumes
any governmnet regulations to have any internal rhyme or logic or

I have enough signitures to get on the ballot, and my max amount ofo
pocket at this point will be around 1100 bucks, which is not a cash
flow problem for me, but certainly difficult as it will come out of
necessary long term saving. I have also laid out over two hundred
dollars for expenses and postage and travel for Sheilla so far.

I see no reason to pay for a ballot statement for the primary, as to
the best of my knowledge I will unopposed, and the 2100 dollars can
be better spent than having a candidate statement in the libertarian
section read by anyone but super wonks.

Dear Phil and All,

Regarding funds being funneled via the LPSF. As I see it, there are two separate issues here. One issue is whether it is legal; and we have the word of an expert in the form of Richard saying that it is. The other issue is whether the LPSF as a group wants to do it, and its officers wish to take on the task. The latter will be discussed at the next LPSF meeting, a vote taken, and Les' wish taken into consideration (i.e. as LPSF treasurer, does he wish to take on a task he did not sign up for). Of course, anyone can request for an ExCom decision; however, I need to advise you that as of right now, an ExCom vote does not seem in favor of the proposed strategy.

Obviously, action is needed now, not on March 13, and I sincerely hope that action that does not involve the LPSF walking into undefined territory will be possible.



Dear All

Nothing personal here but I would like to see our resident campaign contribution expert Richard please bring to the next LPSF meeting a copy of the specific campaign contribution codes as is related to campaign contributions and reporting requirements both state and federal by parties on behalf of their party candidates.

We are getting into territory for which we have no specific legal knowledge without someone who is a lawyer who is expert in such codes and in governing campaign contributions and would be rendering a qualified legal opinion with the LPSF as their client.

Absent this I say we stay out of the campaign contribution business and direct anyone wishing to make campaign contributions to do so directly to the campaign of their choice or choices.

I see how people can get screwed up by tax codes and I do not wish to see the LPSF get screwed up over campaign contributions as the LPSF can not afford that kind of legal counsel to bail them out if a mistake is made or come up with the money to pay a fine for errors in campaign contributions. The level of experienced legal counsel could run easily $400 - $600 an hour.

Cindy Sheehan made a campaign fund reporting error and it cost her a $10,000 fine. While I do not expect that level of error the best way is to stay away from getting into that territory.

Ron Getty