Philosophy of Liberty brochures - LPSF address stickers?

I just uploaded to the Files section of our Activist and Discuss
lists the PDF file (listed as "Brochure.pdf" at
  of a terrific brochure that the Washington LP produced based on the
"Philosophy of Liberty" animation (
). The LPSF could use this brochure with very little adaptation --
basically all we need to do is put our contact info where the
Washington LP's info is at the end of the flier (middle panel on the
first page of the PDF file).

  It occurs to me we could even print the fliers out as-is and simply
slap some LPSF address stickers on them. We still have some of those
stickers, don't we? Any objections to using this? I would love to have
a bunch of these brochures for when Aubrey and I and/or whoever wants
to join us do go out tabling at SF State. Ideally in the two-color
version seen in the file, but they can be used in black-and-white as
well (and produced much more cheaply that way, obviously).

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))