Philip Berg Manifested 4/6 @ Pelosi event [1 Attachment]

Dear LPSF,

Philip Berg plans on being present to mouth off at Nancy Pelosi's Commonwealth Club appearance Tuesday April 6th around 11 AM.

The intent is to get as many people to hand in the same question as possible.


Please read some of Phil's campaign platform writings attached to this e-mail and give comments. We intend to hand these out to people in line while they are waiting.


The Commonwealth Club won't let you give these to people standing in the
ticket line, which will be on private property. The best you can do is have
people on the sidewalk outside, handing these to all passers-by, hoping you
catch the people who are there for the event.

And I'll be shocked if the Club doesn't crank up security for Pelosi's
visit. That means all bags searched at the door, and I wouldn't put it past
them to have handheld magnetometers to wand everyone as they go in.
Regardless, you won't get a stack of flyers past the door.

Unfortunately, for the Pelosi appearance, I doubt they'll have floor
microphones that Phil can use. There will probably be pre-screened
questions submitted via index cards. And Gloria Duffy is known for her
softball questions to Democrats. It's worth a try, submitting a simple
question, "Why do you refuse to debate your opponents for the Congressional
District 8 election, especially those from third parties like Greens and
Libertarians?" That one might actually make it through the screening. But
I wouldn't bet money on it.