Phil Berg Checking In with a meeting remindern

I'll be available to speak with Cindy from 5 to 6. I'd like to discuss with
her the violence the welfare state survives on.

Warm regards, Michael

Dear All;

Regarding Cindy Sheehan. Has she confirmed attending on August 8 at if so at what time?

We need to get the message out not only here but East Bay and South Bay and so on.
We can't have a meeting and there's only half a dozen there for a Cindy Sheehan meeting.

That in my personal opinion is bad manners in asking someone to arrange their schedule and basically no one from the inviting organization shows up for a meet up.

Therefore we do need to get a firm agreement from not only Cindy but as many other Libertarians as we can who will be there if it is the 5-6 socail hour for a meeting with Cindy.

If not enough show up then have Cindy's cell or telephone number to let her know about a sparse attendance so she can decide to come on over or re-schedule or totally forget about the LPSF.

If she does can the local Tea Pot people get the message to their group or the Ron Paul people get the message to their group? If so the message needs to get out quickly. Next Saturday is 6 days away for advance planning for anyone.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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