Phiip Dru Exposes Aaron Russo

Dear Liberty Voters,

I was waffling between Aaron Russo and Gary Nolan
until I heard Phil Dru's comprehensive, revealing interview
with Russo. (It's archived on
Sadly, I learned that Russo does not support free market
environmentalism, free market roads, or open borders.

I suspect, however, he has much potential, and if he
sticks with the LP for a few more years and reads more
libertarian literature, he could make a stellar presidential
candidate in 2008.

Best, Michael

Thanks for posting that! I had already decided on Nolan, more for what I
believe is his ability to attract votes than the specifics of his politics,
but that interview makes me feel less like a sell-out. :smiley:


  Do you know anything about Michael Badnarik? For those who haven't been following such things, he's the other Libertarian besides Russo and Nolan who appears to be making a serious attempt to win the LP's presidential nomination.

Yours in liberty,
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