Petition: Save the 4th Amendment

Petition: Save the 4th Amendment<>
Michael S. Rozeff<>

I've created a petition at the White House. I ask for your signature. It requires 100,000 signatures in 30 days. But first, it needs 150 to become public. It reads

"The Supreme Court has empowered police to invade people's bodies using forced strip searches, forced cavity searches, forced blood draws, forced colonoscopies, forced DNA extractions, forced eye-scans and forced blood-alcohol tests. There is no way for the people to prevent police using and abusing these violations of the bodies of their victims, because the Court has erroneously disemboweled the 4th amendment. This destruction of the 4th amendment affects every American. The Legislative and Executive branches should explicitly, publicly and strongly re-affirm the 4th amendment to the Constitution and rule out all of these uses of force by police and other authorities of government."

This needs 150 signatures first, and then it will appear on the public link.

To get those initial 150, go to

Thank you.

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