Petition for justice for mentally ill prisoners

Keeping a person naked in "the hole," a closet sized space, for 23 hours a day is clearly torture. It would be bad enough if done to a person in good mental health, who had committed a serious crime. According to the information from the petition circulators below, Jeremy Smith is neither. He is a paranoid schizophrenic with an IQ of 50-70 who got talked by a prosecutor into taking a plea deal that got him eight years in prison, for the crime of hitting another patient at a mental hospital, an assault that caused no lasting injury.

  Also mentioned below, in passing: "Seven inmates reportedly died in this year in California prisons from tooth decay. Infection from their rotten teeth entered their bloodstreams and killed them." I didn't read about that in any of the police "crime blotter" entries in the papers, did you?

  Please forward this message and help raise more people's awareness about the state of the U.S. prison industry.

Love & Liberty,

          ((( starchild )))