Pelosi Paying $18K a Month for New San Francisco Office - Roll Call

Ah yes it must be nice to afford an $18,000 a month office rent on the taxpayers backs.

I can think of arguments in favor of decreased security costs.

Dear UCSF Mike;

Well the counter-point is that Madame Pelosi is after Biden third in line for presidency of the USA and arrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!

WTF were they thinking!!!!! When they made her third in line!!!! LOL

Hmmmm - now who is fourth!!! President pro tempore of the Senate who is - Robert C. Byrd Dem. of West Virginia.....aaaaarrrggghhh!!!

what are they thinking??? LOL

Next in line is Secretary of State - let me see whom be that - Hillary Clinton!!! aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggh!!! What were they thinking???

Ron Getty

Insurance for Biden?

Hmmmm - let me thimk on that one for a little bit...
Okay times up - yep gotta be!!! LOL

Ron Getty

Just like I always thought that Dick Cheney was insurance so that no one would try to get rid of George Bush.


A man who was a major campaign staffer for Nixon told me that Dan Quayle
had been selected specifically to keep the first Bush from looking like
such an idiot.


The new federal building is touted for its "award-winning 'green' design." Pelosi's office, at $18,736 per month, puts a new spin of the word "green" and it's a shame we are paying for it.

All the best,

Don Fields

One of the "green" features of the building, I'm told, is that elevators
stop only at every third floor. So, if you work on one of the floors
without elevator service, you use extra energy by going to a higher
floor and walking down.

Dear UCSF Mike;

How thoughtful for people in wheelchairs or on crutches. I am certian it makes their journey in the building something to look forward to as they ambulate between floors.

Ron Getty


The idea that an elevator passes by all floors but is allowed to stop only at certain floors b-l-o-w-s my mind! Though I don't know this to be a fact, it's a safe bet that the elevator in Pelosi's building stops on her floor and near her office door; afterall, she is the 'greenest' of them all.

I've never understood leftist support for politicians such as Pelosi. To hear Pelosi tell it, poverty is virtue, wealth is sinful greed and labor is working-class heroism. Yet, she is among the wealthiest of all and flaunts her wealth by 'working' in an $18,736 per month San Francisco office that is the epitome of class segregation. Then there's her Washington D.C. office and, I assume, she lives in a mansion (more segregation). Is her support based solely on politically-correct speeches and the kibble she passes out in the form of welfare checks? Can somebody please explain to me why the Left supports Pelosi and other well-heeled hypocrites like her?

All the best,


It all started with the Kennedy's...
Belief that the rich can better serve the working class than the working class can serve themselves
When I entered the SF fray a Sup. was paid working man's wage. Now its a million dollar four year position.
Even the governor's race is between two wealthy candidates Can anyone name the last time a working class person was elected in all of California?.
Making politicians rich is suppose to keep them from bribes. But now the bribe is campaign contributions etc. of poppycock...

So true, Eric. Money talks, and lots of money talks absolutely. But We the People do have the vote, right? We could, if sufficiently informed, vote for the "outsiders", or against humumgus salaries for politicians? But we don't. Every nation has the government it deserves.


Thanks for the quote Marcy "Every nation has the government it deserves"
I'll use it often!