Paying for flowers

1) Can I send you a check? and 2) is your address still 3531 16th Street? Steve's email reminds me of why I am so rarely willing to do anything of this sort with the Libertarian Party: it may be what I believe in, but everything gets so complicated. Imagine being willing to get a paypal payment but not a check...
In any event, since I am already committed, let me know. Will send it to you as soon as I get your answer.


I mean no offence, but the difference is that it doesn't put the burden on me to collect the money. I'm happy to help the party, but I'm not prepared to give out several hundred dollars in combined loans. I guess I should have made that clear up front.

-- Steve


  A check is fine for me. My address is indeed 3531 16th Street; the zip code is 94114.

Yours in liberty,
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