Paying big bucks for Libertarian web page designers

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Subject: Paying big bucks for Libertarian web page designers
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The Libertarian Party of California is looking for web page


as indicated below. Please cross-post this information on


bulletin boards and mailing lists.

Daniel Wiener
Can you design a web page that sells?
(Or are you acquainted with someone who can?)

If so, the Libertarian Party of California
is willing to pay you big dollars!!!!

We're experimenting with advertising the Libertarian Party on the
Internet using customized issue-oriented web pages. If you can
a web page with a decent conversion rate (i.e., the percent of
visitors who become new LP members or contributors) we'll pay you a
lot of money.

How much? Perhaps $8,000 or more!

If your web page can get a 1% conversion rate, we will pay you $500.
For 2% we will pay you $2,000. 3% will earn you $4,500. 4% will earn
you $8,000. And we'll pay larger amounts for higher conversion


Perhaps you personally don't have the necessary experience or


But if you forward this information to someone else who does, and if
we eventually come to an agreement with that web page designer,
also pay you a 10% finders fee!

For more details, contact Daniel Wiener

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