Patriot Alert! Lakota Tribe rescinds all treaties and declares sovereignty from United States

Lakota Tribal leader rescinds all treaties and declares sovereignty from U.S. He says anyone from the 5 surrounding states can join them.

Good for them! I hope they succeed. The US has violated its treaties enough times for them to be justified in withdrawing.

Their tax free status will probably draw people to move to Indian country, and free competition among countries on the basis of tax structures is a good thing for the citizens of all countries in the long run, just as free competition among the suppliers of other goods and services is good for all consumers.


All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson



I just called Cato to speak with John Allison about our plans.

1) Economic literacy program for Rotary International project
2) Resurrected Von Mises Center in California
I hope you had a chance to watch his lecture at Harvard Law. It was great speaking with him when he was still at Wake Forest and I look forward to his input.

I just read that Cato was founded by Rothbard and Koch.

Rothbard and Blummert were colleges at Blummert's Von Mises Center in San Mateo.

When Blummert died, Von Mises Center became virtual and went to Alabama with Blummert's friend, Rockwell.

I can see the pieces coming together.
It would be nice if the new center were at pier 29 at the America's Cup Village/Cruise Ship Terminal. I wonder if Ellison would help.