Paper vs Plastic - links

Hi all,

Here are a few links to educate and entertain you, regarding the recent ban of the common plastic bag at large grocery and pharmacy stores/chains in San Francisco.

Paper vs. Plastic - the jury is still out

Before the vote... and some other "interesting" SF-BoS resolutions:

Couldn't happen here... could it? (Seven years in jail for 'environmentally incorrect' bags.)

Let's make sure that there are no "industry driven remedies," for heaven's sake!:

The latest version, that passed(???)

On a lighter note, "Bag-snaggers" is a job I hadn't known of before:

The Greens are already on it:

Compostable bags being mandated world-wide:

But, they are not recycleable, and can actually hurt recycling of plastics if mixed in:

And, don't forget, SF also has the Food Service Waste Reduction resolution (i.e., Styrofoam ban) going into effect June 1, 2007. Hope you like your take-home soup cold. At least restaurants can still use plastic bags (for now):

Sorry about the long links!