PAC requirement laws struck down

The Institute for Justice reports having won victories in two grassroots advocacy spending cases, one over a statutory requirement not unlike that we face in San Francisco prohibiting us from spending over $1000 unless we register a PAC.

The Mississippi case, Justice v. Hosemann, involved a challenge to burdensome “political committee” laws that applied to any individual or group that spent more than $200 to talk about an initiative to amend Mississippi’s Constitution. The law was challenged by five friends from Oxford, Miss.—Vance Justice, Sharon Bynum, Matt Johnson, Alison Kinnaman and Stan O’Dell—who simply wanted to join together and speak out in favor of then-Initiative 31, an effort that would provide Mississippi citizens with greater protection from eminent domain abuse...

In Justice, Judge Sharion Aycock ruled that Mississippi’s political committee law could not constitutionally apply to a small group like the plaintiffs’, while in Galassini, Judge James Teilborg went even further and held that Arizona’s definition of “political committee” was so overbroad and incomprehensible that it was unconstitutional in its entirety.

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  Will we simply comply with SF's First Amendment restriction?

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