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How about instead of focusing our concern on the prospect of Adam Kokesh and his fellow marchers carrying loaded guns, we focus our concern on the possibility of the Washington D.C. police going to meet them carrying loaded guns?

  After all, I'm much more worried about the possibility of the police opening fire on the protesters than the other way around, aren't you? We see in the news on a regular basis how their itchy trigger fingers result in innocent people being shot and killed, and we know from history that armed people who work for governments are more of a threat to life, liberty, and property than armed civilians.

  If in any doubt on that latter point, please go to YouTube and watch the documentary film "Innocents Betrayed" -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUmKT43j4Tc .

  Adam Kokesh is a very brave man; we need more freedom lovers with his courage, and holding the bravest among us at a distance is no way to inspire courage in others. Short of standing up ourselves and joining him, which is always an option, we ought to at least give our moral support to such a principled and philosophically correct action.

  While it's reasonable to debate the merits of having the torch parade for Bradley Manning tied to his event (and I tend to agree it's better to keep the two formally separate), I have zero interest in discussing this issue in a manner that fails to honor and support Adam's bravery in standing up for our freedom, or holds a double standard regarding him or other civilians carrying loaded guns in Washington D.C. versus government agents carrying loaded guns there.

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Magnificently stated, Starchild; thanks. I'm with you and Chris (and Marcy!) in seeing the advantages of keeping the events separate, but you've done an articulate job of separating support for Kokesh from support for joining the events.

Hi Starchild,

I totally respect your "zero interest" in discussing Kokesh as other than a hero. That does not preclude my expressing my own opinion about his march on Washington, which I consider irresponsible at best. Regarding my concerns, they are focused on both sides opening fire; since given the daily news these days, there is no basis for me to focus only on police as perpetrators of violence.

Anyway, since you seem to be of the opinion that indeed the Manning march and the Kokesh march should be kept separate, it would seem to me that there is no need for further discussion on this subject at all.


Thanks, Mike. Speaking of the police threat, this just posted on the Bay Area r3VOLution (peninsula) Ron Paul group:


The Backstory:
Police are called out to an apartment for a noise compliant by the neighbors. The three occupants inside non-aggressively exercise their
fourth amendment right, refusing the police entry as they demand at gun point to let them inside without a search warrant or probable cause.

As the police quickly holster their weapons after the camera turns on, the three occupants continue to exercise their rights non-aggressively.
The police respond by going into "over-the-top" aggressive mode, utilizing excessive force by kicking in the door, assaulting the female and tazing
the cameraman four times causing the camera to short out. All three occupants are arrested/cited for obstruction.

148(a) charges!!! in there own house?

no fourth amendment?

  Note -- I haven't watched the video linked above, and not sure where this incident took place.

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