[OutrightLibertarians] Please give feedback on draft LP Platform

Howdy, Brian and All!

<< We favor the freedom of all consenting adults to engage in any
amorous or reproductive behavior or relationship that does not violate
the rights of others. Government does not have legitimate authority to
define or license personal relationships. Sexuality or gender should
have no discriminatory impact on the treatment of individuals by
government, such as in marriage, adoption, immigration, or military
service. >>

Brian, thanks for sharing that information with us, and thanks
especially for being involved on our behalf!

I feel comfortable with the proposed language, but I'd like to read
others' interpretations of it, and especially if anyone imagines
undesirable unintended consequences.

Am I the only person who has a problem with the word "discriminatory"?

The words "no impact" instead of "no discriminatory impact" support
our current positions against ENDA and HCPA.

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