[OutrightLibertarians] FW: Individual rights are not a "lifestyle"

I didn't claim that the LRC "wants to support anti-gay laws." They're just not putting up much of a fight against them.

Rob has done a good job detailing their proposed platform changes. Considering that not a single member of their executive or platform committees is an out LGBTQ person, they've been awfully brash in proclaiming expertise on LGBTQ issues whilst simultaneously "degaying" the LP platform (or attempting to).

If you compare their platform to the LP platform of 2004 (and years past), you'll see that the language is such that anti-gay laws are now possible to support when they weren't under prior years' platforms.

And it's also interesting to note that this year, so far, the biggest attackers of Outright Libertarians hasn't been Democrats or Republicans, but rather members of the LRC -- who have not accepted any meaningful feedback or participation from Outright's membership. My inbox has quite a few e-mails from Outright members expressing their anger and disgust at the proposed platform changes and the fact that they've had their own human rights concerns "explained" to them by LRC members who aren't queer and aren't interested in their perspectives.

Put it all together, and under the LRC platform as proposed, DOMA and other laws will be "justifiable." At that point, the LP is no different from the Dems or Reps, and becomes a bit pointless.