Outreach Question: Ron Paul / Ending the War on Drugs

Hi Don,

You may wish to attempt a very different approach to your friend, rather
than engaging in debates or discussions with him.

People tend to be gullible, or at least suggestible. They hear something
repetitively, and if it has a modicum of truth, the mere repetition leads
them to gradually warm to the idea.

With this principle in mind, I suggest you forward to your friend especially
good Ron Paul and drug legalization material as it comes across your screen:
youtubes, articles, polemics, etc. Include a brief note, something like,
"please spend a just minute or two reading or viewing this. Thanks."

Don't debate the materials with him, just methodically continue your
re-education campaign.

Is this guaranteed to work? Not at all. However the more varied approaches
you try, the more likely one may take hold.

Warm regards, Michael