Our Poor Starving Artists - Please Lend A Taxpayer Hand Out

Dear Everyone;

While looking for info on the massage parlor proposed ordinance I came across this notice on the Supervisors Board Agenda for Tuesday the 26th.

Apparently poor starving artists don't get enough grant money from the hotel tax now they have to get their bus fare reimbursed or is it taxi fare or is it car mileage allowance and parking costs. The proposed ordinance is silent on how much is "reimbursement" and the regulations governing that and where the money will come from.

The only problem here is if it starts applying to starving artists how many other committees and boards and etc will start to demand the same "fair share" progressive treatment from our benevolent board of stupidvisors?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


Recommendations of the Budget and Finance Committee

061030 [Regulating Street Artists - Compensation of Advisory Committee]
Ordinance amending Article 24 of the San Francisco Police Code by amending Section 2402 to allow members of the Advisory Committee of Street Artists and Craftmen Examiners to be reimbursed for their reasonable travel expenses traveling to and from Committee meetings, Street Artist screenings, and other Advisory Committee activities. (Arts Commission)

(Supervisor Daly dissented in committee)