Our LPSF phone number

Dear LPSF,

We are currently moving our phone to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet
Protocol) system. The current LPSF phone and mailbox I am hosting costs
$55 per month. I can reduce that to under $20 per month with some
additional services such as sending messages to the LPSF member
(currently Michael Edelstein) via email so they don't have to call it
every day. And he or anyone can access it via the internet to manage it.
The problem is that we will have to change the phone number.

Can you please let us know what the consequences of a phone number
change might be?


Michael Denny

We have the 415-775-LPSF number listed on lots of printed materials
including our poster. If we can keep the number without LPSF (or Mike,
who has generously donated the line for so many years) spending as much
money, that would be preferable.

We can transfer the number to RingCentral.com, which my employer has
been using for the last 3+ years as our virtual PBX without any
problems. The cost would be $10/mo if prepaid by the year, or $15/mo


Here's how we'd transfer the number:


I even think LPSF's budget could easily absorb the $120/year (plus
taxes, thank you big government), letting Mike off the hook for this
monthly expense. What do you all think about this solution?


Mike Denny wrote: