[OT] Why aren't there more jobs?

Why aren't there more jobs? One reason is the difficulty, expense, and hassles of starting a new business. The information below is from a website that seeks to help prospective entrepreneurs navigate the paperwork requirements. Keep in mind, this is just *general* stuff that applies to *all* U.S. businesses. There are many *more* rules that apply to each specific type of business!

  Of course in practice, many people just ignore many or all of these rules and deal with others economically in the black market or "under the table", but this typically limits their ability to expand their business and hire new employees, because the larger a business, the more visible it is, and undocumented businesses have to pass up many economic opportunities in order to stay under the government radar. If governments in the U.S. were efficient enough and their control pervasive enough to force everyone to actually comply with all the rules, it would undoubtedly wipe out legions of small businesses and cause a dramatic loss of jobs and increase in poverty.

  Conversely, it seems obvious that getting rid of these rules would allow many more people to get started in business, creating jobs and helping the economy. Another conclusion that can be drawn is that the people operating documented businesses aren't necessarily the people who are the best at doing whatever kind of business they are engaged in; rather, they are the people who are best at doing a package of things that include their trade, but also include navigating all the government paperwork forced upon them. Who knows how many competent auto mechanics, tree surgeons, restauranteurs, diving instructors, etc., are not in business today, not because they were unskilled at their trades, but simply because they were ill-suited to dealing with government paperwork.

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